Nachrichten 29 Januar 2017
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CBC ROYAL FIRST wird anwesend sein Ho.Re.Ca. 2017 – Atene – von 10 bis 13 Februar 2017.


With 550 exhibitors, an exhibition area of 55,000 m² and more than 240 hours of special events programming, the 12th HORECA 2017 reaffirms its role as a true world-class exhibition!
The main priorities of the organizing company, FORUM SA, include upgrading the total experience for visitors at the 12th HORECA 2017 and maximizing the commercial benefits expected by exhibitors. The exhibition’s enduring goal is to provide hoteliers and foodservice professionals with modern and effective solutions, tailored to the needs and budget of each individual establishment or hospitality unit.
As a world-class exhibition, HORECA is organized and enriched in such a manner as to not only meet the existing needs of the Hospitality and Foodservice industry, but also the needs that will arise in the near future, in line with the trends prevailing abroad, as well as the relevant technological developments.

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